Stanwell Lodge 7468, Staines, Middlesex.

Welcome to Stanwell Lodge. We are a Freemason’s lodge who meet four times a year in Staines. Our meeting dates are the first Friday in October and the second Friday of December, first Friday in February and  second Friday in May.

The lodge hopes that this site will extend communication with members and non-members alike. Anyone who takes the opportunity to read through this site and the links to other sites provided will find an insight into freemasonry in general and the Stanwell Lodge in particular. The lodge can also be found on Twitter @StainesMasons .

Gentlemen interested in joining should feel free to get in touch the lodge via the contact page. We are always glad to receive visitors from other lodges in jurisdictions acknowledged by the United Grand Lodge of England. Freemasonry values visitors from other lodges and the Stanwell Lodge offers excellent, convivial hospitality.

To find out more about the ethos and history of freemasonry visit  Ladies interested in joining freemasonry may wish to visit

The lodge is also a proud member of Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex: find out more at . The lodge takes great pleasure in contributing to fund-raising for local, national and international causes.

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