2017-2018 Stanwell Lodge 7468 memorable events briefing

Initiation (Dec.2017), Passing (Feb.2018), Raising (May 2018) 

 … all happened in the same masonic year for our Bro Aydin Turhan who is really enjoying the life of a Freemason. 

We can see Bro Aydin Turhan (right) in the presence of our Pro Provincial Grand Master R.W. Bro. Peter R A Baker (left) at his installation in July 2018.

Provincial promotion honour received by W. Bro Simon Hills – May 2018

W. Bro Simon Hills has been appointed Provincial Grand Steward, and received his honour at Grand Lodge on Wednesday 9th May 2018. This is well deserved after joining Stanwell Lodge 7468 in 2010 and showing his continuous support and dedication to Freemasonry in Middlesex.

On the left W. Bro. Simon Hills (ProvGStwd)in his new regalia.

19th July 2018 Installation of Pro Provincial Grand Master – Stanwell Lodge no 7468 shown their support

Brothers Toms, Hills and Platon were just three of the six lodge members who enjoyed a memorable day out at Freemason’s Hall, London. Here they are enjoying a well earned break for luncheon and refreshments.

Bro Aydin relished his adventures at Great Queen Street, revelling in the splendour of the ceremony, the grandeur of the architecture and the camaraderie shared by all.

Left: W. Bro Jim Mitchell PAGDC ProvGDC (PGLM)

Right: Bro Aydin Turhan (Stanwell Lodge 7468)

Our WM Mark Quigley-Ferriday looking relaxed over a pre-meeting glass of wine, well knowing his twin pleasures of fine ritual and nosebag await.

Our Master elect W Bro Scott Adnitt clearly taking his Masonic visiting very seriously in preparation for taking the Chair of Stanwell Lodge

Special thanks to W Bro Scott Adnitt for his input and revision of this article

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