A perfect day! 14th December 2018

Passing ceremony, new members joined, charity achievement and an extraordinary dinner … what more can we ask for!

The dashing Stason Lippit experienced a Passing ceremony that he found absolutely stunning. He was truly inspired by the occasion and is looking forward to the next one.

“text Scott Adnitt”

Bristling with nautical distinction, our newest joining member Nathan Merrison raises a glass to the many good times ahead with Stanwell Lodge.

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Frequent visitor turned new member, “Ratts” Rattenbury (right) let’s Simon (left) know he’s only the second biggest man in the room now and assures him he couldn’t eat a whole one – just an arm and a leg.

“text Scott Adnitt”

Most of them sat still for a moment and many looked towards the camera during a pause in the revelry and festive camaraderie.

text Scott Adnitt”

Wonderful news from our secretary Steve Lightman:

There are only 14months left of the Middlesex 2020 festival. Over the last 4 years Middlesex lodges have been donating money to the festival which is raising funds for the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys. This is a charity doing amazing work and the festival has already raised over £3.5 million. Stanwell Lodge has been very active in raising funds and we have donated to such an extent that we have achieved the honorific of Vice Patron to the 2020 Festival. Congratulations to all the brethren who have been so generous in their giving.
“A man never stands so tall as when he kneels to help a child”

“text Owen Toms”

Special thanks for helping and supporting in writing the article: Scott Adnitt and Owens Toms

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