In 1956, several Freemasons representing a cross section of the Staines community were anxious to see the Craft progress after the Second World War and, with Staines rapidly expanding, decided to form a new Lodge. Names submitted for consideration were; Stanwell St.Annes after a local village, Ad Portas from the Staines coat of arms and Heathrow, a nearby village that had been lost due to the expansion of Heathrow Airport. Stanwell was finally selected. (Middlesex Masonic Lodges their Origins and Names, Bro.R. G. Offen, P PrJGD)  The name Stanwell comes from the Saxon, “Stane Weille” meaning a stony stream or well; the soil in the area is gravelly, with numerous springs. The village is mentioned in the Domesday Book and evidence has been found of an important Neolithic ritual site, that could be as old as Stonehenge. It is also the oldest Parish in Middlesex.  The Parish church of St.Mary’s dates in parts from the 12th Century so it can be said to be Norman. The tower is of flint and Kentish rag “Cheeky work”. The tall spire has a slight lean, due to its being originally clad in oak tiles, which the prevailing wind dried out more quickly on one side, pulling the spire out of true perpendicular.  ST. ANNES WELL A low brick wall by the side of the road in Town Lane marks the site of Stanwell’s greatest enigmas. It protects an ancient well, which once stood in the grounds of a large house, called St.Annes. In the past it has been suggested that this is the well that gave the village it’s name. Modem historians dismiss this theory, but it remains a romantic little tale. It also helps explain the Lodge crest. The church is in the background, in the foreground is a female figure, presumably to represent St. Anne, the well is self explanatory. The Greyhound surmounting the Compasses, it is believed is taken from the Spelthorne coat of arms, which too has a Greyhound surmounting it.

The Stanwell Lodge was consecrated on the 14th of September 1956 and continues to meet four times a year at Staines Masonic Hall.

The lodge hopes that this site will extend communication with members and non-members alike. Anyone who takes the opportunity to read through this site and the links to other sites provided will find an insight into freemasonry in general and the Stanwell Lodge in particular. The lodge can also be found on Twitter @StainesMasons .

Gentlemen interested in joining should feel free to contact the lodge via the contact page. We are always glad to receive visitors from other lodges in jurisdictions acknowledged by the United Grand Lodge of England. Freemasonry values visitors from other lodges and the Stanwell Lodge offers excellent, convivial hospitality.

To find out more about the ethos and history of freemasonry visit http://www.ugle.org.uk/  Ladies interested in joining freemasonry may wish to visit http://www.hfaf.org/

The lodge is also a proud member of Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex: find out more at http://www.pglm.org.uk . The lodge takes great pleasure in contributing to fund-raising for local, national and international causes.

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